At Enclothed, we only partner with the brands that are the BEST. So when it comes to beer, we've formed an alliance with Honest Brew (Because honestly, they're the best).

Finding the right beer for yourself isn't easy. Actually, it's just like the tiresome struggle to find items of clothing that fit! (probably less tiresome). The search for the best beer takes a lot of trying and testing... and some more, and a bit more. 

We've pledged to make your lives easier, so we're working with Honest Brew to solve this problem. Below are the top 3 beers that you need in your life right now & we've attributed each beer to a persona. 

Thank us later! 

Beavertown - Gamma Ray Pale

Perfect for the Trendsetter 

Tottenham’s Beavertown led the way when it came to introducing canned craft to the U.K., changing perceptions and offering a gateway to a world of good beer. Gamma Ray remains an unmissable and flavourful entry point for those looking to upgrade their drinking habits. Timeless, effortless and delicious.




The Five Points - Railway Porter 

Perfect for the Traditionalist 

Five Points are independent brewery based in Hackney, East London. They specialise in brewing classic styles with a distinctly modern approach. Their rich Railway Porter is one of London’s most celebrated brews thanks to its chocolate, coffee and caramel notes. A delicious meeting of tradition and modernity that will rouse the senses of any dark beer lover.


Earthy/Spicy/Dark Choc


Magic Rock - Salty Kiss - Gooseberry Gose

Perfect for the Adventurer 

Real men drink pink. Huddersfield’s Magic Rock Brewing have quickly built a reputation upon a foundation of eye-catching cans filled with delicious craft beer. Salty Kiss Gose is their take on a classic German style of sour beer brewed with the addition of gooseberries, sea-buckthorn and sea salt. Tart, refreshing and like nothing you’ve tasted before.




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