It does not matter how expensive your clothes are; if they do not match, your outfit will not look good. Colour coordination is key to making a boring outfit glow, or even bring it down a few notches if it is too loud.

When a man is building his wardrobe, he should never overlook colour coordination. Making sure you are wearing the right colours is just as important as the styles and materials you select. Proper fitting, along with the right colours, will make or break your outfit. We know you don’t want to look bland or foolish when you are out in public.

Keeping this in mind, choosing colours that will give you a happy medium is what you should look for when you are developing your personal style. By considering colour basics, and how to implement these basics in all of your outfits, you can confidently apply this knowledge to match the clothes you wear.


Although the general rule is that there should be enough contrasting colours in the pieces of your outfit, all men can pull off the monochrome look. If you are interested in building your outfit that is based around one colour, there is a way to make monochrome ensembles work.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking to put together a monochrome look, choose the colour blue. However, grey, black or brown do also work. These are the only colours you should consider. The next thing to keep in mind is that you need to strive to find the same balance and variety with the colour shades you choose, and the textures as well.

Nude Colours

Nude colours have been taking the fashion world by storm, and fashion bloggers have been talking about these colours with a vengeance. These are colours that have often been overlooked by men, but have now become a colour staple for wardrobes around the world.

Nude tones will offer you the minimalist look, whilst also giving you a free canvas to let your imagination flow. In essence, nudes are versatile colours that will enable you to work your look with ease. Choose to wear nudes from the top of your head to your toes, or break the colours with a black piece that will surely make a statement.

Spring Colours

It is now time to start thinking about the colours for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Whether you like the idea or not, sometimes it is necessary to wear a dress shirt. Not only should the shirt be the right fit and style, it must also be the right colour. From the classic whites and blues, to brightly coloured shirts, there are also some other colours that are predicted to be trending this spring.

Two of the trending colours for men this spring are copper and cognac. Weathered looking shades of copper and orange are a must. These tones are predicted to be the most noticeable for the upcoming season. Deep blues will also be very popular this spring; the combination of deep with light blues will give your outfit an on-trend nautical look. Faded shades of grey and white are be complementary with natural colours, nudes and even brightly coloured pieces.

Whilst some may say that colour coordination is a science, the primary goal is to wear an outfit that makes you feel good. Learning colour coordination can help you improve your personal style, and when you look good, you feel good.