With Beard Week soon to commence in late June, we thought this would be the opportune time to help guys out there ready to commit to the enduring journey of beardom.

We think it is best to try and stoke up some serious motivation on your end to growing a beard out (because trust me, despite what they have you believe—it isn’t as simple as putting down your razor and waiting it out) and look into exactly why you should grow out your man mane.

1. Muster some mystery.

It goes without saying, but covering half your face in hair—naturally encourages a certain air of mystery. People will naturally start to think you’re a pretty interesting dude and perhaps (at least subconsciously) leap to certain assumptions, such as:

  • Look at that guy’s beard. That’s what you call a man’s man, I bet he runs his own company” “Well hello there… wonder what this fury fellow’s story is?”
  • “Day’um that’s a new suit and he has a beard? Is that even allowed? Who is this guy?”

2. Ramp up the masculinity

There are a few factors that give off a masculine vibe, such as being tall, having a deeper toned voice, dressing sharp, bearing a muscular physique and so on. And of course, you guessed it, owning a mighty fine beard. Growing a beard and dressing well are about the two easiest things you can do to appear more masculine.

3. Health benefits

There are actually quite a surprising amount of health benefits to be had too with owning a beard.
 From reducing the chance of cancer by blocking harmful UV rays (by up to 95%) to preventing against airborne diseases, sort of acting like a big hairy filter. Plus, it does your skin a world of good too, keeping it looking younger and fresher.

Not only that but you will have less issues with ingrown hairs and slash the chance of bacterial infection and rashes since appearing on your face too—since you pretty much have given up shaving.

4. More physically attractive

It’s got to be said. Chicks love facial hair and it gets proven by science time and time again:

  •  “The Role of Facial Hair in Women’s Perceptions of Men’s Attractiveness, Health, Masculinity and Parenting Ability”—University of New South Wales (2013) 
A confirmation that facial fur has positive “socio-sexual” attributes, compared to their clean shaven companions.
  • “The Effects of Facial Hair Manipulation on Female Perceptions of Attractiveness, Masculinity, and Dominance in Male Faces”—Northumbria University (2008)
 Full on beards were seen as the most masculine, socially mature. Lighter beards were seen as most dominant and stubble was deemed the most attractive.

5. Career boosting

Despite what everyone else around you is telling you about shaving before an interview, they actually might be doing you a severe disservice. See, guys with beards actually are deemed more trustworthy and according to an lookers report (a large car sales retail team) they actually make for better salesmen as well. Particularly, if you are on the younger side, they can help to make you look older and more mature. If need even more reasons to consider growing out your beard, see this Infographic on 15 little known (yet brilliant) beard benefits.Now that we finally put to bed whether ‘to beard or not to beard’ and that indeed stupid questions do exist. It’s time to plan out how to get the best beard you can.

Written by Bradley Beard